Seeking leaders to beta test Software Leadership Academy

Are you ready to lead your team? You’ve been testing software for a while and have led a few projects. Now you are ready to take on more responsibility.

Only, you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Your career has been growing steadily, but the leap to management has been out of your grasp.

Managing a team has a distinctive set of skills and behaviors, just like any other job. Management is a different job than being a tester, even a testing lead. You need to learn how to do the management job.

The Software Leadership Academy’s Class in Software Test Management will teach you all of the skills necessary to manage a high-performing software test team.

The leadership model behind the class has been proven time and time again in helping engineers advance their careers to leadership positions. The model also helps front-line managers to advance to higher positions. These skills include:

  • Building a strategic plan for your organization
  • Building and leading a strong organization
  • Making your strategy come to life through execution
  • How product and domain knowledge are vital to your success
  • Institutionalize your best practices, so the organization runs effectively
  • Relentless improvement through managing innovation

In addition to the leadership skills, the Class in Software Test Management will also show you how to show your leaders that you are ready for advancement.

Our trainer is a Director of Engineering, with over 30 years experience in software development, including 20 years in leadership. In his leadership roles, he has hired and coached dozens of test managers, and taught hundreds of engineers these techniques. He has a Masters in Computer Science and an MBA.

The Class in Software Test Management is currently in development. We are seeking beta testers to give us feedback.

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