Career Pivots

Richard Branson with his parents

Richard Branson with his parents

Richard Branson recently wrote about career pivots – if you aren’t doing well on your chosen path, pick a different path.  “Everyone has something valuable to bring…”, where he shares a couple of stories about people that did exactly this, and turned adversity into an asset.

Building this site and the leadership course is a bit of a pivot for me.  I’ve been coaching and mentoring upcoming leaders for a long time, but on an individual basis – as part of my job as a leader working for a large corporation.  I’ve decided to take my favorite part of my profession, and make that my full-time occupation.

Often, we aren’t happy with our current situation, the job itself might not be fulfilling, a bad boss, a mis-match between the company values or even just a long commute.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently showed that people change jobs almost 12 times during their career, and that study was pretty narrow and reflected baby-boomers in the US.  I imagine the average will increase in the future.

I remembering seeing a Venn diagram (nearby) about how you should feel about your job. You really want to find a role where you enjoy the work, you are good at it, and it pays sufficiently.  This view helped me make several career changes.

Venn Diagram showing your ideal job: Pays well, you enjoy doing, and you are good at it.

Your Ideal Job –

If you are considering a career pivot towards management, please check out the training available with the Software Leadership Academy.  Moving into management usually pays better, and you can take training to learn how to be good. The last bit, do you enjoy it? That will usually take giving it a try.