Goals for the Software Leadership Academy

This is the inaugural post of the Software Leadership Academy blog.  Welcome to the site, and if you have read all the way to the bottom of this blog, congratulations, you found the first post.

I started the Software Leadership Academy to help prospective leaders in software engineering develop the leadership skills to be an effective leader.  I have over 30 years in this business, with more than 20 in leadership positions.  I’ve studied business formally, earning an MBA, and have been through many leadership development programs conducted by my employers.  All of these lessons have been tested in reality.

I’ve also coached, mentored, interviewed, hired, and promoted many leaders though these years. The content of the Software Leadership Academy is drawn from all of this education and experience. These are the same lessons that I’ve learned, and taught to new engineering leaders.

My goals for this site are to teach you the leadership skills and mindsets to be an effective leader for your team and your organization. If you are an engineer aspiring to become a manager, my goal is to teach you the skills to be a front line manager. If you are already a manager, my goal is to help you become a better manager (actually, a leader, and we will discuss the difference).  People who are already managers should learn the skills to become senior managers or directors.

This blog will introduce many of the topics that are available in the course, you should benefit just from reading this blog. For deeper lessons, with downloadable tools and a community of leaders, do consider signing up.  (its free for now, while I’m developing and refining the materials).