Status Update: Rebooting this effort

Wow, its been a while since I’ve done an update and a lot has changed. I’ve made some changes in my personal life that will allow me to spend a lot more time developing this course.  I’m hoping to have it in place, and do a launch in early January.

If you find this site, please check out the course.  I’ve marked it as free while I develop the materials, hoping for early feedback.  Jump in while its free, I only ask for your honest feedback.

The home page has been updated with the new focus, helping engineers or new managers learn the skills to be a front line manager.  This follows the 4 P’s, and a T model that I’ve been using for years. People, Product, Process, Project, and Technology.    The first iteration of the course, SOEPPL (Strategy, Organization, Execution, Process, Product, and Learning) was more focused on a second-level leader or director.  Hopefully, this new direction is more focused and useful.

Another change, I’m using a training course provider,, to handle much of the stuff that isn’t related to delivering useful content (hosting, authentication, billing, etc.).  Check out the course:

My focus over the next few weeks is creating the content, building awareness of this site and content will follow.